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Basic Info

The 10 Ancient Warriors were legendary, historical figures from the First Sahar War.

List of the 10 Warriors

The 1st Fallen, Arthan

A great leader of the army. The elf lord sent him out to lead their part of the Allied Forces on the march to Sahar's Gate. Arthan's colleagues were killed during the conflict to close the gates, and with his last ounce of strength, Arthan forged a magic barrier that shut Sahar's Gate.

The 2nd Loyalty, Alli

Arthan's childhood friend, and lover who died by his side during the final moments of the First War. She was a talented healer with a strong devotion to being by Arthan's side, regardless of the danger. She shared her life force with Arthan during the final moments of the war, forging a barrier strong enough to close the gates.

The 3rd Sacrifice, S'zica

A forest-dwelling Hybrid that drowned a Sahar Colossi that was about to attack the Allied Forces' supply ships.

The 4th Champion, Tharros

A Hybrid that held his title as champion of the Decomus Arena for several years straight. He was captured by the Sahar Army and forced to fight to the death in their hellish arena, refusing to give away the location of the shelter where the people were kept safe.

The 5th Pledge, Zelus

Zelus is one of the last spirit guardians among the Hybrid tribes, sworn to protect the sanctuaries of the remaining spirits willing to live among mortals. When Wood Garden began its descent into corruption due to Radon’s influence, Zelus was overcome with fear and escaped his duties. After traveling the world, he realized his shortcomings and resolved to return. Soon after the death of Reira, he defeated Radon, at the expense of his own life.

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The 8th Saviour, Reira

Rei's ancestor, a sage and travelling bard who was widely known for her song, 'Children of Hope' (to be performed by Sai-shou) which she sung to soothe victims of the war. She was eventually captured by the Sahar, and held as a prisoner in the center of Wood Garden. Unphased by their attempt to crush her courage, she sang the lullaby one final time, reaching the hearts of millions within Decomus city before she was dropped to her death in the poisonous lake of the forest. The lullaby is still, to this day, remembered by the people of Arcana.

The 9th Torment, Ixia del Marca

Cloud and Cotton's ancestor. She went from a simple farm girl to one of the generals of the Decomus Army, Ixia was widely known for the tragedy where she lost her husband to the Sahar Army on the very day of their wedding. She single-handedly fought off the Sahar that poured through the gates in Decomus during the final moments of the war, where she was gravely wounded in battle. She died at the chapel where she was wed, placing her sword on the altar.

The 10th Shadow, Vasillias

A silent hero that lurks in the shadows, leaping out and taking down any enemy forces that would dare lay hands on Decomus. Vasillias was an outcast of Decomus, but continued protecting the people in his own way. He rescued the royal family from a burning building, where he died a fiery death, trapped under debris. After the ordeal, the king announced to his people to remember Vasillias as a hero.