Amanilana Seedbone
Gender Female
Race Yura Tribe

Basic InfoEdit

Amanilana Seedbone ("Ama") is a mysterious vendor residing in Terminus. She is known for selling a wide variety of mushrooms and watermelons, along with a variety of wares she picks up in Sandfall. A yura with an inquisitive streak, she regularly leaves the safety of the fortress to search the land for undiscovered variants of her wares. Amanilana baffles people with her exploits, as she ends up entering and surviving hostile territories.


Amanilana is talkative, curious and -- at times -- given to strange fancies. When something strongly catches her attention, she will devote time and effort to attain or learn more about it. Despite being in good terms with most of the Terminus population, she prefers traveling by herself. Ama will describe to great lengths the sights and items she has found, but she will rarely disclose anything as to how she managed to acquire them or visit their locales.



Citronello is a sentient watermelon that Amanilana found in Sahar territory. When first seen, he was about the size of a regular watermelon. Later on, he grew to the size of a tree. Despite his size, Citronello is friendly, if a little blunt at times. He is unsure how he became sentient, but he claims to have been a 'leftover' from Shulander Archane's experiments.


  • Amanilana's name came from the combination of 'amanita' (a genus of mushrooms) and 'lanatus' (part of the scientific name of watermelon).