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Real Name Ameya Akiano
Gender Male
Race Elf
Status Alive
Team Heart of Gold
Blood Type A
Height 6'9

Basic Info

Ameya Akiano (Ame; pronounced A-may) is Pyron's trusted disciple, and next in line to be the Academy's principal.

His parents died during the war while he was still very young, leaving him to grow up alone as an orphan until he was taken into Pyron's care by a man known as Salt. Salt then welcomed the young elf into the Alliance, where he taught the latter everything he knew, from magic to combat.

He continued to serve the Alliance through the Academy, and the school will soon be handed over to him upon Pyron's retirement.


Ameya is very kind-spirited and warm; he's always offering a hand to people who need his help. The people in the Academy knows him as being a kind and gentle leader that has the power to unleash a load of fury should you make him angry.

At times he can often be a little clumsy, being the last one to figure things out and not fully understanding all the jokes, but he doesn't mind becoming the main attraction for other people's laughter.

Once in a while Ameya has the tendency to get sad, and believes that he isn't doing enough for his comrades, but a quick burst of determination when one of them is in trouble quickly makes the emotion disappear. 


A Ameya

Ameya's in-game appearance.


Ameya's first design.

Abilities + Weapons

Ameya mainly uses an elemental staff most times in which he casts powerful fire and wind spells. Sometimes, although rarely, he'll use a rod for healing when in battle. 


Cloud Watcher

Kiseki Rei



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