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Work-in progress : Concept sketch of Arcana.

Arcana is a single large continent where Path of Rebirth takes place.

Emphasis on "single continent"; and it is not the 'world' that they live in. There are continents beyond Arcana, which was the sole reason for the Piraknights' voyage; to explore the outer lands.

The Tree of Life, YggdrasilEdit


Magic can be used by any individual, but a majority of them are made up of those who have attended schools, or learned from other magic users. Very few are able to tap into their magical potential by mere chance.

Elven MagicEdit

Elven magic has been passed down since the very beginning of Arcana, and consists of some of the most advanced healing and destructive skills known to mankind.

Elven magic are mainly limited to fire and wind, and varies in power depending on the individual.

Magic is especially a strong point for elves, as they have more potential, knowledge, experience and history than other races have with it.

Human Magic ArtsEdit