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Arcanian Iris : Path of Rebirth (ArcIris) is a comic based heavilly off Eyasoft 's MMORPG, Iris Online.

See the story of Arcana unfold through the eyes of different individuals that have been brought together to free the land from their fallen king.

The series has gone on hiatus on 2014 due to personal and copyright reasons. As of 2018, plans for a new and improved comeback are on the way.

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Main Cast

Cast listing will change through progress.

Royal Knights
Sahar Army: Shulander ArchaneEleina WendelineHoushi KazeSethiliusSpecterRijnPaleon Biao Hai MingCornell Telos
The Colossi: SakunSracloneUlricNapoleon di Balvatore SanchezAzure DragonWhite TigerBlack TortoiseVermillion Bird
Other Characters
Iris Online NPCs: Prince ShillyKarenTobiasElsa WalkerAbel Monkey TailAl RotchesPun UlpradiusPirrot AustinNojacqueChester DouglasPayasoDio ReevesWoons Swordwind
10 Ancient Warriors: ArthanAlliS'zicaTharrosZelus??????ReiraIxia del MarcaVasillias
Others: Apollo NumeriGieYuniAyrineTarlinMeneliAcierCecilleAmanilana SeedboneCitronelloAmeya
Individuals: Lord BodKiseki ReiAleksFyrre VierSilveren FennerDuke SenelOreoKhylePalladiumSynnefoNevialla AthensworthRay DarkwolfAlcor Telos

Other Series

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