• Shin18

    After much meth- uh, maths (which I fail at 100%), it's been decided:

    2 Human Years = 1 Elven Year

    So for example

    Eleina is aged 24 in Elven years, which (multiplied by 2) makes her 48 in human years.

    But because elves have a slower aging system than humans, it technically still makes them younger appearance-wise.

    After much more meth- maths and research on animal lifespans (where my brain cells died a little):

    Hybrids age faster than elves and humans, and have shorter life expectancies. That is all for now. Numbers will come at a later time because meth.

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  • Shin18

    Adding Tabs to Pages

    February 3, 2014 by Shin18

    1. In page edit mode,click on "Add other templates" at the bottom right.

    2. A pop-up should appear, type Template:Tab in the search bar, then Insert.

    3. After that, this window should pop up:

    4. Key in the following basic numerals and color code to the following tabs:

    maxwidth = 15

    height = 2.3

    textcolor = #000000

    5. Finally, add the names of the Tabs on tab1, tab2, tab3, etc. that you want to appear.

    6. The tabs should appear like so, after you click OK.

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