"Children of Hope" was a song/lullaby sung by the 8th Ancient Warrior, Reira, to soothe crying children that had lost their families to the war. Eventually the song was heard by millions, and became somewhat of a banner of hope for them.

  • A sampled piano cover for the song was recorded by Sai-shou and uploaded on You Tube with her distorted voice singing the last 2 sentences in the lyrics.
  • The song was purely composed by hearing, so there are no music sheets.
  • Recording will take place in her college recording studio when permission is granted.
  • "Children of Hope" is the first of ArcIris's own official soundtrack.

Children of Hope Lyrics:Edit

See as, the water, unites with the o-cean

See as, the snow-fall, reaches the moun-tains

And when you feel like you have no-where-else to be-long

I will sing to the children of hope

I will sing, to the children of hope