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"Sometimes, you need to sacrifice for the sake of others. This is one of those times for me."

Duke Senel


Real Name Duke Senel
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 19
Status Alive
First Appearance Support
Tarot Strength Arcana
Date of Birth n/a
Place of Birth n/a
Weapons Contractable Swords
Blood Type B+
Height 6'6
Voice Actor Steve Rogers

Basic InfoEdit

Senel is a former Knight who took on the oath of Mercenaries. He was also among the top knights under Terminus' service; even on par with the Royal Knights themselves. He was also Cloud's tutor on her way to knighthood.

Senel was originally a Knight, but as more people suffered from bandit attacks while soldiers were too busy following the king's orders of suppressing monsters, he abandoned the Alliance to be able to act on his own will and protect the people in his own way.


Often seen with a serious expression on his face, Senel has the image of one who seems to not have a sense of humor. In reality, he actually does smile occasionally and is friendly towards others, but because people often see him with an angry expression, they mistake it as otherwise.

During his time in the Alliance, he becomes the leader of the small group of emotional wrecks (namely Hisaka, Kagiri, Aleks, Silveren and Salistalya), he develops a strong sense of being an older-brother figure to them, at the same time taking care of them. Even after leaving the Alliance, they still look at him as their leader.


A senel

Senel's in-game appearance.

Senel concept
Senel has short, orange-brown hair that most people would call 'bed hair'. The most notable part of his appearance is his eyepatch covering his right eye that was disabled during a fight with a group of troublemakers within the town.

His casual wear consists of a dark blue, sleeveless jersey, and a pair of grey/dark blue three-quarter pants. He also sometimes hangs a pair of sunglasses on his shirt collar, making him look like someone on a summer vacation.

During battles or 'missions' he wears an outfit made up of pieces of the armor he wore as a knight, fit on top of a custom-made armor.

Abilities + WeaponsEdit

Senel carries multiple contractable swords hidden within satchels, pockets or on his armor itself. He is able to remove and equip them with great speed, even in the heat of battle. He fights with swift but strong attacks that are able to cut down an opponent quickly given the proper timing.



Touhou Music IRON ATTACK! - Cavalrymaid

Touhou Music IRON ATTACK! - Cavalrymaid


  • Senel occasionally steals ginseng from Silveren's ginseng farm to eat, much to the latter's horror when he found out.
  • Senel was CloudWatcher's actual mentor of knighthood in Iris Online.