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"Forgive and forget."

Eleina Wendeline

Eleina 03

Title Dreamer of Light
Real Name Eleina Wendeline
Gender Female
Race Elf
Age 24 Elven Years, 48 Human Years

n/a (reincarnated)

Status Alive
Tarot Hanged Man
Date of Birth 11th November
Relationship Spiritually chained to Shulander Archane
Blood Type A
Height 5'8
Voice Actor Melissa Korkuc

Basic Info

Eleina was the elf that found Archane as a newborn child in a fruit from the Tree of Life. She died as a prisoner in Archane's laboratory (where Hisaka and Kagiri were created), but is reincarnated during the Second War, and forced by Archane to fight the Alliance against her will.


Extremely sensitive, shy and timid, Eleina has difficulty speaking to others, especially now that she is living among the violent Sahar Army. She is also not easily angered, and is extremely forgiving. Often backing down or just freaking out and running away from others that seem 'scary' to her, she is not an ideal person to have fighting in a war.

She is also easily hurt by little insults, crying even at the slightest "shut up".



Eleina's first appearance in Chapter 1.

Eleina has shoulder-length, wavy dark brown hair. Her irises are a bright color of green. She is usually seen in yellow clothing, along with a dark yellow, hoodless cloak.

Abilities + Weapons

Eleina carries a staff around, but has never been seen using magic of any kind. Her physical fighting abilities are mediocre, but she surprisingly has amazing endurance.

Eleina has no healing magic, as she treats the wounded like any normal person would do; with medicinal herbs and medical care. This may also mean that she has destructive magic abilities instead.


Shulander Archane

Eleina found him as a baby in a golden fruit from the Tree of Life. Though the Elders were the ones that trained and taught him what he needed to know, Eleina was the one who raised him. She was kept as a prisoner in the laboratory where Hisaka and Kagiri were created, where she committed suicide after being unable to endure watching the children kill each other.

Upon reincarnation, she has attempted to take her own life again, only to be spiritually chained to Archane so that any attempts to kill herself would fail as he would keep her alive.
Sing for me

Yellowcard - Sing For Me

  • Eleina slowly develops feelings for Archane, even able to openly hold his hand. Archane does not seem to mind her affection.
  • She seems to display symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Archane has, but rarely, returned Eleina's affections.


Eleina did not live long enough to see Hisaka's awakening, but often speaks to his slumbering state in his pod whenever Archane was away from the lab. She would quietly tell him about the little things in life, which may be a reason why Hisaka had subconsciously developed a strong curiosity for humanity after his reincarnation.


She comforts the traumatized Kagiri after her first test run in killing a fellow specimen. Eleina had already died by the time Kagiri escaped the lab.


Theme Song

Final Fantasy X Music- A Fleeting Dream

Final Fantasy X Music- A Fleeting Dream

Eleina's theme song is "A Fleeting Dream" (Final Fantasy X), composed by Nobuo Uematsu. The term "fleeting" describes something that lasts for a short while.

This greatly represents Eleina as her peaceful life in the past was quickly shattered after Archane fell into madness. Being brought back and forced to fight against her will. The song also hints her sadness and suffering of being alone.

Battle Theme

The Black Mages - Otherworld (FFX)

The Black Mages - Otherworld (FFX)


Teen Titans Unreleased Music- Beast Boy and Terra

Teen Titans Unreleased Music- Beast Boy and Terra

Archane and Eleina actually have a theme of their own; "Beastboy and Terra" from the Teen Titans' soundtrack. The song is a theme for a completely separate and off-story chapter for Volume 1 where Archane decides to spend some time with Eleina, which slowly reveals a more human side of him throughout the chapter.


  • She remembers and recognizes both Hisaka and Kagiri, but calls them by their numbers (Hisaka = 39, Kagiri = 32) as they did not have names back then.
  • Her favourite fruits are strawberries.
  • Archane calls her "woman".
  • Her name "Eleina" is Ancient Arcanian for "Light", and her last name "Wendeline" is actually a German name, meaning "Wanderer".