"Perhaps there are things I might have done differently, but I will never consider them as mistakes."

Enyalios Tirel
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 22
Family Ircalla Tirel (sister)

Basic InfoEdit

A noble from House Tirel, whose fortunes suffered a blow after the start of the war and the destruction of their property by the Sahar. As his family's wealth rely on trade, he maintains good contact with the Yura tribe and regularly visits the city of Sandfall. His optimistic and gentlemanly demeanor contrasts with his preferred weapon -- an axe.


Enyalios is a cheerful, friendly young man who does his best to be polite to everyone. His upbringing makes him appear sophisticated, which sometimes puts off other people who thinks he is having 'airs'. He also possesses an uncanny calm and is very rarely surprised by anything or anyone, taking any incidents in a stride. Technology and weaponry do make him excited though. His protectiveness over his sister also causes Enyalios to be sensitive to any references made towards her.