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"By the fires of creation, burn and be renewed."

Fyrre Vier

Fyrre 01

  • Starlight Prince
  • Demon Prince
  • Specimen Forty
  • Uke-uke Boi-boi, Pie
Gender Male
Race Human
Age at least 100 years old; current appearance looks 11-14 years old
Status Alive
Tarot Chariot Arcana
Place of Birth Sandfall
  • Elara Vier (adoptive mother)
  • Kassidil Vier (adoptive father)
Voice Actor Michael Potok

Basic InfoEdit

Fyrre Vier is a kindhearted and hapless priest who always finds himself in trouble. He claims to have feeble memory of his past. His healing abilities are mediocre because of his apparently young age, but it also appears that he is capable of a very unusual kind of magic.

Fyrre is actually part of the Sandfall series, the incomplete Specimen 40. The lab's destruction made everyone think that all the subjects made after Specimen 39 died. Yet, through sheer willpower, Specimen 40 survived and even managed to materialize a body of its own. He was eventually adopted by the royal couple of Astrofel, a kingdom situated in the northern continent of Arcana, and became its beloved prince. Because of a tragic mistake involving his uncontrollable powers, Fyrre was accused of being a demon and was left to die during the Sahar invasion of Astrofel. Thanks to the very same powers he managed to survive, albeit requiring an extremely long time before his body materialized again in a much younger state.

Stepping out into a world that has become unfamiliar to him, Fyrre attempts to live a peaceful life. However, the Sahar has been revived in the current age and a criminal organization has set its sight upon his curious abilities.


Fyrre is the very image of the kind, warm-hearted healer. Polite and friendly, it is easy to feel comfortable around him. He is willing to extend a helping hand and offer a listening ear. To him, people possess an inherent capability for goodness. Fyrre is not ignorant to the harsh truths of the world, but he prefers not to lose his idealism. While he is reluctant to resort to violence, he can be forceful when he considers it necessary. He very rarely becomes angry, since he believes that people can be reasoned with and the goodness in their hearts will prevail. Yet when he does lose his temper, everyone agrees that he is genuinely terrifying.

Nevertheless, Fyrre sometimes feels pressured to be the perfect, understanding friend, especially when he tries to help everyone. When he gets emotional, he acts according to impulse. His ‘mistakes’ also haunt him to this day, making him incredibly mistrustful and terrified of his abilities. He is so unwilling to use them to the point of foregoing his own safety.


Fyrre has short, platinum blond hair parted to one side and bright green eyes. He has a slight build and is always decked in layered clothing. His trademark accessory is a blue scarf tied in a knot that lets the ends drape in front. His left ear has two piercings; the earrings belonging to his adoptive father. People often comment that he has a resemblance to Hisaka of the Storms. The similarities are even more pronounced if Fyrre is around the same age as Hisaka, to the point that they can be mistaken as twins.

Abilities + WeaponsEdit

Fyrre uses a simple staff for healing. Other than standard priest abilities, he has the curious ability of ‘transforming’ magic (made capable by his incomplete set of ‘transformative magic’ matrices, meant to enable him to use magic in any way he desires). When applied to healing, instead of regenerating injuries Fyrre actually ‘remakes’ the body itself. However, this method requires direct conversion of life energy around the recipient, instead of using mana to hasten the body’s regenerative processes. This often results to the weakening of any living creature around Fyrre and the recipient.

He cannot use elemental magic -- every attempt ends in disaster and even injury. Nevertheless, Fyrre can apply his inherent abilities to change mana constructs (such as spells or mana-made items and bodies) or matter itself. It usually means disintegration or, in the case of living creatures, loss of life energy.

Due to his incomplete nature, Fyrre’s control over his abilities are volatile at best. According to Hisaka, there is no ‘structure’ to his overall capabilities, and control completely depends on Fyrre’s imagination and willpower. Some will even activate without his conscious thought, such as his body’s regeneration.


Hisaka of the StormsEdit

His immediate predecessor in the Sandfall line, Fyrre greatly resembles Hisaka. At first glance, they can be mistaken for siblings or even twins. Fyrre treats Hisaka like an older brother, although the wizard is somewhat embarrassed by the treatment. In return, Hisaka tries to help Fyrre understand his powers; diligently teaching the priest the basics of magic even if most of it goes over Fyrre's head. Hisaka will not admit it, but he is protective of Fyrre.

Kagiri of the FrostsEdit

Due to Fyrre's kind and gentle nature, Kagiri acts more mild around him. She appreciates the priest's presence and his sincere beliefs in goodness; balancing her own cynical perception of humanity. Like Hisaka, she is protective of the priest.

Alzamorne IsoreEdit

Fyrre's guard during his stay with Lunam et Stellas. Since Alzamorne is their resident anti-mage killer, he was tasked to keep an eye on their newest captive who appeared to have dangerous magical abilities. They formed a friendship of sorts when Fyrre realized that Alzamorne wasn't like the rest of Lunam, and told him that he believed Alzamorne to be a 'good person'. The priest still remembers the sniper even after being free of the syndicate, wondering if Alzamorne will ever escape their clutches. On the other hand, Alzamorne wishes they may never see each other again, in fear of what the guild may do to Fyrre.


Most Epic OSTs Ever Still Have A Soul

Most Epic OSTs Ever Still Have A Soul

Fyrre's theme is 'Still Have a Soul', which starts with a melancholy piano before rising into a more forceful melody accompanied with a choir. It represents Fyrre's gentle nature hiding a great power, yet he is still grounded to his humanity.


  • Fyrre adores towtuls and mushrooms. He even asked Silveren if he could set aside a space for mushrooms in his garden.
  • He specializes in regenerative potions to compensate for his lackluster healing skills.
  • George is fond of Fyrre, mainly because the priest agrees to pluck the dead leaves from his branches whenever he visits.
  • While fluent with ancient languages, since Fyrre isn't an incarnate he actually had to spend much time learning the language of the modern times.
    • Sometimes, he subconsciously changes languages in the middle of a sentence.
  • Fyrre is immortal as long as his soul remains intact. He can regenerate a new body if the need arises and, theoretically, he can stop his body's aging as well.
  • Despite previously living in a snowbound country, Fyrre gets cold easily, hence his preference for layered clothing and scarves.