Henry Nicholas
Real Name n/a
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 1000 +
Status Alive
  • Chernobong, Sword of the Underworld
  • Judgement Mk. 13

Basic InfoEdit

Henry is a prince from the First Sahar War, and one of the heroes of the past that are reincarnated in this era.

Born within an ancient Royal Family, Henry had spent most of his childhood learning things that adults would barely understand, as his knowledge surpassed them. He would invent weapons that helped with the fight against the Sahar army.

His home was attacked by the Sahar one day, and in an attempt to save his family, he hired Tesseract to escort his wife and child to his old apprentice who lived in Shebuz Snowfield. Henry fought bravely against the Sahar until his last breath, losing both his arms in the conflict to buy time for his family to escape.

By the Second Sahar War, he was reincarnated by the gypsies, and questions them before hesitantly agreeing to assist the Alliance.


Calm, reserved and intelligent, but very much a loner. People often describe him as either distant or scary for some reason, and he might be slightly neurotic.

He refuses to interact with the others as he prefers to stay in his Tower, bringing back his inventions to aid in the fight against Sahar's army. He suffers from insanity because of his guilt of living, which is why he prefers to stay isolated so that he won't be a danger to others.

Abilities + WeaponsEdit

The necromancer that brought him back to life placed a spell into his blood which accelerates his recovery process. He later discovers that his blood, when used on others, can also temporarily enhance their regenerative process for a brief period of time. This was first used on Cloud, who was on the brink of death after her first conflict against Houshi Kaze.



Cloud WatcherEdit

She and Cotton found him sitting alone in an alley. Having thought that he was a homeless person, Cloud brought him back to the Alliance where he was introduced to the others, and welcomed as one of their own.

Henry is the one that designs and creates Cloud's armor later in the series; rigging them with explosive runes that with practice, creates recoil that can be used to increase her agility in battle.


Madness combat music 2

Madness combat music 2

This is the Battle theme played when he faces off with his best friend Daniel, who has now succumbed to the dark side.

The opening part represents his guilt for not being able to save his friend, and how he soon finds the courage to repent by killing Daniel.


  • He has a habit of cooking things made out of dung beetles, paralysis scorpions, worms, cobra blood, and other disgusting ingredients.
  • On rare occasions he might suddenly lose his patience, but his anger dissipates very quickly.
  • He sometimes visits Terminus just to check on the others and to see if his fellow Alliance members are still alive.
  • When in Terminus, he is usually found sitting on the hand of a statue found near the Prince's quarters.
  • He currently resides in an old tower in Pandahama Island.