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"I thought it should be clear to you, but I am the evil prince in the stories. The world may burn for all I care as long as my interests remain intact."


Hisaka by purkles

  • Storm Prince
  • Hisaka of the Storms
  • Specimen Thirty-Nine
  • "Blue Eyes", "Hisa" (by Kagiri)
Gender Male
Race Human
Age n/a (Reincarnated)
Status Alive
Tarot Magician Arcana

Basic Info

Hisaka was a wizard who rose to infamy for being the right-hand man of Shulander Archane, the Monarch of Darkness, during the ancient war.

Considered as the sole 'perfect' specimen of Lord Archane's experiments with magic potential, Hisaka was molded to become the king's most steadfast follower. Known as the 'Storm Prince' and 'Hisaka of the Storms', he used his mastery of lightning to annihilate the Alliance forces on the battlefield. Hisaka was believed to be a cold, heartless man who knew no mercy, acting with ultmost loyalty to his master. However, following his defeat from the Alliance wizard Kagiri, he opened the gates of Archelon Palace to the Alliance assault during the final day of the war. He was killed by Lord Archane for his treachery.

A thousand years later he was reincarnated via the Tarot ritual, becoming the first soul to be incarnated by said method.