Hisaka by purkles

  • Storm Prince
  • Hisaka of the Storms
  • Specimen Thirty-Nine
  • "Blue Eyes", "Hisa" (by Kagiri)
Gender Male
Race Human
Age n/a (Reincarnated)
Status Alive
Tarot Magician Arcana

Due to Lord Archane's experiments, Hisaka used to have the ability to gather and wield incredible amounts of magical power. It was said that his potential was greater than any known human magic-user. His moniker as the 'Storm Prince' was a testament to his feats of magic. However, Hisaka admits that after his forced reincarnation his magic had greatly diminished. He hypothesizes that his increased abilities were dependent on the modified body he used to have. He also uses staves on occasion.

While trained in the most advanced human magic techniques of his day including that of ice, Hisaka vastly prefers the lightning element with its quick strikes, blinding flash and paralyzing force. Despite his lessened potency he is still a deadly mage in the present age, though like Kagiri he is cautioned against using too much magic lest he ends up using the very same mana that constitutes his physical body. Moreover, he is considered a 'glass cannon' -- once his magic is taken away or he is engaged in melee, he falls down quickly.

While inherently powerful, Hisaka never shied from studying the nature and theory of magic. He even researches into magical methods unavailable to humans in order to understand them, not to mention his interest in the mixing of technology and magic. This makes him adaptable when it comes to the application of magic, able to change spells on the fly or modifying them as he pleases. He is also capable of coming up with new spells given the time and resources.