Hisaka by purkles

  • Storm Prince
  • Hisaka of the Storms
  • Specimen Thirty-Nine
  • "Blue Eyes", "Hisa" (by Kagiri)
Gender Male
Race Human
Age n/a (Reincarnated)
Status Alive
Tarot Magician Arcana
  • He woke up later than the rest of the Archane specimens, which is why he never recognized Kagiri as Specimen Thirty-Two.
    • His earliest memories are also distorted. He can't remember most of his time in the Sandfall laboratory.
  • Hisaka dislikes the gypsies for summoning the souls of ancient heroes to fight the present war against the Monarch of Darkness.
  • As an incarnated soul, his body is made of mana. He 'flickers' more often than the other incarnated warriors. Hisaka thinks it's because he was summoned using the unrefined version of the ritual.
  • He is researching for a way to ensure the incarnated warriors gain permanence in the physical world.
  • Hisaka has a habit of staring at people, or observing them to the point of discomfort.
  • As most people aren't truly aware that he is the Hisaka from the legends, they frequently comment that it is weird his parents would have named him after a hateful figure.
  • While not an outright phobia, Hisaka feels uncomfortable with fire due to the circumstances of his death.
  • He makes for a surprisingly good chef. However, he has difficulty with dishes that require extreme heat.
  • Hisaka relates well with children, often agreeing to play games with them. He also likes to teach them various things, especially history.
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