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Houshi Kaze

A kaze1

Title Relentless Wind
Real Name Valerie
Gender Female
Race Human
Age n/a (Reincarnated)
Status Alive
Tarot Devil Arcana
Date of Birth 25th November
Weapons n/a (Unseen)
Voice Actor Jeena Frego


Houshi Kaze (Valerie / Kaze (Ka-zae)) is one of the ancient ones that were reincarnated through the tarots. She turns her back on the Allied Forces and joins the Sahar Army instead. She is also Cloud Watcher's rival in battle.

With no memories whatsoever about her past self, she spent countless hours each day training outside the Terminus fortress. Eventually she grew weary of being with the 'weaklings' within the Allied Forces, and, seeking excitement, joins the Sahar Army instead.

She also develops an obsession with Lord Archane, and later on, Eleina.


Loud-mouthed with a lust for battle with a pinch of a psychopathic personality. She is merciless in battle, and will kill any and all opponent she crosses.

Her obsession with Archane often leads to her attempting to kill Eleina. The murder attempts happen on a daily basis, until Archane decides to keep Eleina close to him at all times later in the series.

Upon befriending Eleina, Kaze's psychopathic personality tones down and she becomes gentler and caring towards Eleina. Her bloodlust also comes to a halt as she becomes more interested in being by the elf's side.


Kaze has long, greyish-white hair that reaches down to her waist. Her hair points out messily near the top of her head. She occasionally ties her hair together in a loose ponytail, though at other times just leaves it hanging down freely. Her eyes are an eerie tint of yellow that brings out her psychopathic personality.
A Kaze

Kaze's in-game appearance.

She is often seen wearing orange, long-sleeved and shoulderless tops over a black chemise.

  • Kaze is originally a re-make of Vongola Undicescimo's Kaze, thus she was not an original Iris Online player character.

Abilities + Weapons

Though it seems like she uses wind magic, she actually bears dual blades, which are easily hidden within her swift movements. Like her name Kaze (meaning 'wind'), she strikes like the wind in a hurricane, strong enough to cut through steel.



Upon joining Archane's ranks, she gets along well with the silent Paleon, whom later becomes her partner. They are also seen walking together in the castle sometimes, though they have never spoken to one another.

Duke Senel

Seeing that Paleon would always get hurt after conflicting with Senel, Kaze unconciously builds a great hatred towards him, swearing that she would kill him with her own hands if anything were to happen to Paleon.

Cloud Watcher

The both of them would always battle each other whenever they catch sight of one another on the battlefield. Kaze would emerge victorious most of the time.

  • It is also known that their "earlier selves", Shin Hibari and Kazeno Hakuori, were recurring enemies in Vongola Undicescimo as well.


Kaze absolutely hates her as Archane has shown to have feelings for the elf rather than her. Often times she would attempt to kill or torture Eleina to get her out of the picture, only to be stopped by Archane himself. Due to her rash acts, Archane now keeps Eleina close to him all the time, much to Kaze's disappointment.

Dear eleina

Eleina's hand on Kaze's cheek as she is ready to die.

  • After being defeated by Cloud later in the series, she becomes a reject and a failure within the Sahar army, completely ignored by Archane himself. As Kaze was about to allow herself bleed to death, Eleina approached her and helped her get back up to return to the Sahar castle and treat her wounds.
  • From this point, Kaze's obsession with Arcane dissipates and she grows attracted to Eleina instead.


The two of them actually meet up for tea at a not-so-secret treehouse located in Ursadine Highlands every week to share and rant about their 'love issues'; namely Kaze's obsession for Archane (and occasionally her hatred for Eleina), and Hisaka's ever-growing feelings for Kagiri.


Get Jinxed Lyrics Subtitled on screen! League of Legends

Get Jinxed Lyrics Subtitled on screen! League of Legends

Music Okami - Battle of Ninetails-0

Music Okami - Battle of Ninetails-0

FST KazeRelentless

Cover Art for Kaze's battle theme.

Relentless, sly, traitorous and cold. The Battle of Ninetails from Okami best describes Kaze whole.

The opening symbolizes the 'curse' and the 'despair' that would be caused by her appearance on any battlefield.

2Pro Battle Music Techno Metal

2Pro Battle Music Techno Metal

Claire vs Valerie

A Techno Metal Music by The Andrea Lonardoni Group and Johnny Beretta plays as Cloud and Valerie's battle theme. It portrays their fierceness in conflict and a their competetiveness of each other.


  • She was also an antagonist for Vongola Undicescimo, named Kazeno Hakuori by her owner. She appears again in ArcIris as a different person.
  • She is one of the very few people who can speak and understand Ancient Arcanian and Decomian.