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Basic Info

Houshikaze (Evelyn Matthew) is the script manager for ArcIris, and is the owner of the Vongola Undicesimo character, Kazeno Hakuori. She doesn't draw, but has a good hand at rearranging the author's messy plans so that the story will actually flow, though occasionally too lazy to do so as well.

She was unable to continue her studies for a while due to familial problems, but she is now in her final year of high school.

Vongola X

She was a part of the author's "Vongola Famiglia" in 2010, her role as the Mist Guardian Chrome Dokuro. The group split up at the end of 2010 but each member still hold their famiglia rings.

Vongola XI

In 2011 after Vongola X split up, she became a co-founder for a Katekyo Hitman Reborn roleplaying group with the author, Vongola Undicesimo (XI) with an antagonist character. Her character in the group has already died, but she plans on making a return with another. the group is on hiatus right now but will be brought back to activity again.