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Ixia del Marca


Title 9th Tormented
Real Name -
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 18 - 28
Status Dead
Tarot Death Arcana
Date of Birth n/a
Place of Birth Decomus (Fallen)
Relationship Married
Team 10 Ancient Warriors
  • Ancient Decomian Sword
  • Flag of Decomus


Ixia del Marca ('Marca' pronounced Marsa) is the 9th of the 10 Ancient Warriors, and one of the leaders of the Decomian Knights during the 1st Sahar War. She is also known to be the direct ancestor of Cotton and Cloud .


She is one of the least likeable people within the Decomian Knights due to her strict attitude. That aside, she is a hard worker, as shown in her life before Knighthood, where she was a delivery girl for food supplies between her village and the castle. She also seems to have bad eyesight, as proven during situations like archery or any other form of target practice, where she misses every target.

Strangely enough, even after years of knighthood, Ixia has shown that she falls ill or throws up when riding any form of mounts, leading her into travelling on foot anywhere she goes, regardless of distance or situations.

The only times she is seen riding horses without any trouble are during the important battles, such as the Battle of Conflict Valley.


A ixia

Ixia's in-game appearance.

Ixia is easily described as an older version of Cloud (though her in-game appearance is much different due to lack of appearance selections in the game), except she ties her hair up in a ponytail and her front hair is much shorter.

Before knighthood, she often wore light dresses that were convenient for travelling.

Upon joining the Decomian Knights, she wears their uniform armor which are white plates of armor made out of mithril metal. Along with the armor, she wears the red cape that signifies an individual knight's 'General' rank.


Upon losing her husband, the 7th Ancient Warrior, Ixia loses all will to live. This caused great casualties and losses for the Allied forces within the final moments of the war. Her spirit is rekindled when she realized that her people are in danger, and she fights off the remaining enemy forces alongside the few allies left standing.

Heavily wounded from the lack of focus during battle, she crawled to the Decomus chapel (where she last saw her husband alive) and placed her sword on the altar, where she slowly bled to death.


Theme SongEdit

The Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack - Here Comes the King

The Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack - Here Comes the King

X-Ray Dog 's song, 'Here Comes the King' (Narnia 2) is Ixia's theme, portraying her aristocratic and refined ways of acting in battle that are much like a king (or queen, for this matter.)


  • Her favourite animal is a pigtopus, a nonexistent octopus with the nose of a pig which she believes is real.
  • She once threw up on a fellow knight as soon as they began marching off towards Atlus Gorge on mounts.
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