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"I will not lose. I will not die here."


Kagiri by purkles

  • Kagiri of the Frosts, Frost Princess
  • Specimen Thirty-Two
  • "Giri" (by Hisaka)
  • "The Red Witch"
Gender Female
Race Human
Age n/a (Reincarnated)
Status Alive
Tarot Tower Arcana
Voice Actor Shyla Grace

Basic Info

Kagiri was a wizard of the Alliance during the ancient war, specializing in ice magic.

Despite having recognized talent, Kagiri struggled to earn her place in the Alliance army because of her mysterious past and lack of connections. However, her efforts were eventually rewarded, and she was soon deployed in the vicious war against the Monarch of Darkness. Kagiri's love for battle and relentless drive to win eventually pitted her against the Storm Prince himself. Persevering against the odds, she finally gained victory over the dreaded lightning wizard.

After the war, Kagiri vanished from the pages of history -- no one knew how she lived her life after the Alliance victory, nor the circumstances of her death. In the present-day war against the Sahar, she is among the heroes summoned by the Tarot to aid the world.



Kagiri's first appearance in Chapter 3.

Kagiri presents a stoic, dry personality, speaking in a near-monotone that indicates disinterest in almost everything. She is averse in revealing her emotions. While blunt, she makes for a bad liar due to her honesty. On the other hand she is a good secret-keeper for her unrelenting tight-lipped attitude. It takes much to disturb Kagiri's serenity, appearing to take everything in a stride. Many people take her to be cold and unfeeling, even cruel, but in truth she is quite empathetic and kind. However, her stoic expressions and inherently disquieting aura (as an 'artificial' being) make socializing very difficult for her.

Kagiri only shows a spark of excitement when in battle. She fights to win and the odds mean little to her. She can -- and will -- sacrifice her well-being if it means certain victory. Kagiri relishes a good fight and admits that it is only in battle that she feels most alive. However, she also believes that a battle should only be done for a good reason. While she will champion any cause she considers worthy, she will avoid pointless fights.

She refuses to answer any inquiry about her past outside of her time as a wizard of the Alliance.


App hisagiri

Hisaka (left) and Kagiri's (right)in-game appearance.

Kagiri has shoulder-length black hair tied into twin tails and large, bright red eyes. She initially hated her eyes, for they signified her status as a 'reject' of the Archane experiments. Her face is usually devoid of expression, making her moods hard to read.

She doesn't care much for fashion, opting to choose clothing based on practicality and strength of enchantment.

Abilities + Weapons


Kagiri unleashing her magic as a child.

Despite being considered a 'failure' in the Archane experiments, Kagiri possesses considerable magical potential due to the modifications. While unable to contain as much power as Specimen Thirty-Nine, Kagiri utilized her abilities to the fullest, training to the bone during her time in Alliance territory. Similar to Hisaka, her powers decreased after reincarnation, but she remains a dangerous opponent in battle.

Kagiri specializes in ice magic, using the element both to damage enemies and to cripple their movement. She is also knowledgeable of lightning magic, though not to the same extent as ice. It irritates her that due to her body being made of mana, she couldn't utilize her large-scale spells as often as she likes. Unusually for a mage, she is quite agile on her feet and can actually launch a mean punch, especially one that is reinforced with ice magic.



Bit clash

Hisaka and Kagiri's clash 100 years ago.

Considered her rival during the ancient times, Hisaka was the sole specimen considered 'perfect' in the Archane experiments. In her mind his blue eyes distinguished him from the rest of the 'failures', therefore she called him 'Blue Eyes'. Nevertheless, Kagiri had no real animosity towards him, as she considered their battles made by circumstance rather than personal vendetta. She even felt a degree of understanding towards Hisaka when she saw him again during the last day of the war, for she remembered having the same lost look.

Winmer du Castell

A fellow Alliance warrior, the templar Winmer du Castell accompanied Kagiri in the numerous battles against the Sahar. His fair and kind attitude attracted her, though she never spoke about it. Kagiri was devastated at the news of his death. While she understands that Silveren Fenner is different from the templar she had known before, she couldn't help but be uneasy around the knight at times, especially when he starts displaying familiar habits and mannerisms.

Frederick Thienen

While Kagiri rarely talks about her past, she sometimes mentions a man named 'Frederick'. What little she has spoken of him denotes a deep bond and incredible importance, claiming that he taught her the value of humanity. She often thinks of his words "Move forward, and never look back" in times of doubt.

Fyrre Vier

Fyrre reminds Kagiri of a little brother she never had, especially when she discovered that he, too, was a Sandfall specimen. Coupled with his genuine sweetness and goodwill, even her frigid demeanor melts somewhat. She acts more mellow around the priest and is always concerned for his wellbeing. Insulting or harming Fyrre is one sure way to incite her wrath.

Eleina Wendeline

Specimen Thirty-Two met Eleina Wendeline in the Sandfall laboratories, a gentle but sad elven woman who tried her best to comfort the children born from the experiments. It was Eleina's presence and kindness that helped Thirty-Two to endure the horrors she experienced and -- against all odds -- to hope for escape.

Saelion kin Undinel

Saelion was Kagiri's classmate in the Pyron Academy, an elf with human lineage hailing from an esteemed family. Despite being frightened of her like everyone else at first, Saelion became her first friend ever since escaping Sandfall, helping her understand human interaction and emotion.


Theme Song

'Snowfall on Forbidden Lands' is a calm and melancholy piece, capturing Kagiri's aura and history.

Snowfall On Forbidden Lands ~ Shadow Of The Colossus (OC Remix)

Snowfall On Forbidden Lands ~ Shadow Of The Colossus (OC Remix)

Battle Theme

'Mosane Pi' from E.S. Posthumus starts slow and mysterious, but also has its intense and powerful moments. It represents Kagiri's placid and unreadable facade hiding the strength and determination within.

Mosane Pi - E.S

Mosane Pi - E.S. Posthumus


Demi Lovato - Let It Go (from "Frozen") Official

Demi Lovato - Let It Go (from "Frozen") Official

Au5 - Follow You (feat

Au5 - Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Fractal Chill Mix)


  • She was known as Specimen Thirty-Two during her creation and stay in the Sandfall laboratory.
  • The name 'Kagiri' was given by one of the Tarot sages and was said to mean "to the limit of one's ability" or "boundary" in an ancient eastern language.
    • Incidentally, this is the same language where Hisaka's name came from.
  • Kagiri has taken up learning the secrets of the Tarot cards partly because she wants to help Hisaka in his research. She knows he would rather die than ask for the gypsies' help.
  • She makes sure that her hair ribbons are always red and keeps several replacements at hand.
    • It was Winmer du Castell who suggested that she tie her hair back into twin tails.
  • She avoids the abandoned laboratory in Sandfall Desert. The place holds many unpleasant memories such as the 'testing phase' wherein she was forced to fight and kill her fellow failed specimens for a chance to survive.
  • Along with her red ribbons, she always carries numerous types of candies in her pockets.
  • Kagiri makes for a poor (and even lethal) chef. Either she uses an ingredient in excess, or replaces it with something else inappropriate.
  • Kagiri is not picky when it comes to food, but she admits her favorite is 'anything prepared by Hisaka'. She is extremely ravenous when hungry, and when left unfed, she will start biting people (particularly Hisaka).
  • Sleep doesn't come easily to her, but when it does she is difficult to wake up. Hisaka has to push her off the bed or apply light electric shocks.
  • She refuses to grieve or even cry, preferring to unleash pent-up emotions with a berserker-like ferocity in battle.
  • Apparently, only Hisaka can call her with the nickname 'Giri'.
  • She likes cornflowers. The blue ones especially remind her of Frederick.
  • It appears that Kagiri's preferred method of using magic is movement-based.