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Kiseki Rei

Rei 01

  • Mapa (by Cotton and Cloud)
  • Prince (by Shibatou)
  • The Mean One
Gender Female
Race Elf
Age n/a
Status n/a
Tarot Fool Arcana
Relationship Wouldn't you like to know ;D
  • Staff (used as a makeshift mic for karaoke sessions when not in combat)
  • Epic Cookie Jar (used to incapacitate Cloud)
Blood Type O
Height 6'9

"I will bloody cookie-jar you to death."

Basic Info

Kiseki Rei (Rei) is a semi-retired warlock. She is also the adoptive mother to Cloud and Cotton (actually, just Cloud, but Cloud likes to pretend she has adopted Cotton).

The origins of Rei remain a mystery, even to the warlock herself. Legend has it that she was born as a result of a spell gone wrong. She led life aimlessly as a child, until she joined Alliance, and continued to lead life aimlessly as an adolescent.


Rei haircut

Rei with her hair cut short.

Previously a hardworking and driven warlock, who was among the handful of powerful mages of Arcana, Rei is now a useless slacker bum who can be considered as mostly-retired. She also has a tendency to be stone-like in her neutral state, leading people to misunderstand her as being deep in thought or profoundly unhappy. Usually, she is thinking about what she is going to eat for her next meal.

Rei has somewhat of a dual personality which can veer between two opposite poles. At her best, she is peace-loving, fairly amicable, and willing to extend a helping hand to those whom she perceives to genuinely need it. However, she is capable of going into bitchmode without warning when dealing with unreasonable individuals, using her sharp tongue to produce insulting remarks and can be somewhat of a jackass.

Rei has a voracious appetite for comic books; growing up, she was often punished by her teachers as she would pretend to be studying her spell book when she was actually reading comics behind it.

She enjoys playing the guitar, despite her complete lack of musical skills. Rei dislikes causing conflict, or witnessing conflict amongst the ones she holds dear. She tries to steer clear away from loud environments as they stress her out.


Concept rei

Rei's concept sketches.

During the early years of the Second Sahar War, Rei had long, silvery-white hair that reached down to her tailbone. She usually ties it up to make it look like a ribbon with a long ponytail.
A Rei

Rei's in-game appearance.

Her irises are a bright teal color (blue in-game).

She dressed in a teal-colored Holy Sage's clothing, along with a tie and flame-colored cloth extentions to her clothes, representing her being a Fire-type warlock.

In a conflict between the Sahar Army, she cut her hair short with a knife, swearing to hunt down the opponent that had wounded her friends and daughters. From there on, she starts wearing the Duran private school uniform in a sad, sad attempt to relive her youth, which was marred by the war. She is hardly ever seen without her uniform, save for the occasional naked train in Terminus.

Abilities + Weapons

Ch2-rei- fire
Rei specializes in wind-type and fire-type magic, though their power slowly wore out over the years, especially after her constant inactivity and slacker-attitude in the field of battle (not that they were that good to begin with).

Her physical fighting is nowhere close to 'good', but when it comes down to it, she is able to take down masses of opponents with her 'conserved' hidden potential in magic (when she can finally recall the correct incantations for them).



Cloud Watcher


She often disturbs Shibatou during her work hours, starting conversations which usually end up bizarrely. In her spare time, she is a figurative prince to Shibatou.


  • Taking advantage of her stone-like face, she specialises in looking busy while thinking about useless things; a skill which has helped her through her schooling years.
  • She has a reputation for being able to fall asleep under any circumstance, much to the chagrin of her fellow guildmates, who often have to save her sorry arse in dungeons because of her habit.
  • A running gag in the series is that she seems to carry a cookie jar around with her, mainly using it to incapacitate Cloud whenever she goes out of hand.
  • She is known as 'the mean one' or 'the lazy one'.
  • Her guildmates once tried to organise a fundraising event to raise money to soundproof her room. The event did not commence in the end, as Prince Shilly immediately volunteered to sponsor their project upon hearing about their intentions.
  • She finished last in her class consistently, and her poor results often led to her teachers being fired because they would be perceived as incompetent due to her horrendous grades.
  • She hates her voice.
  • Rei considers her guild mates to be her unofficial family, often indulging in inappropriate skinship by springing out from random bushes to give hugs.
  • She has imaginary relationships with beings from the 2D realm.