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Title Luckiddo (by Khyle)
Real Name Keven
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 12
Status Alive
Team CheckMate
Blood Type O-
Height 5'4

Basic InfoEdit

Keven (Oreo) is a young healer-in-training that cut class one day, only to find a wounded Cloud passed out in the fields outside of Terminus. He attempts to heal her, but accidentally sets off a destructive magic incantation instead, sending her rolling off a cliff and into a river where she regains consciousness.

He is also the youngest member of the CheckMate guild, and serves as an officer under Khyle.


Being a youngster, Oreo is energetic and has quite a short temper at times. Although he does have his childish sides, he is a loyal companion, always looking out for others and helping them in whatever ways he can.

He also gets into all kinds of trouble most of the time, where Cloud would often bail him out of, as she sees him as a younger brother figure.


His most notable part of appearance is a purple, white-striped gatsby he wears over his dark blue hair. When asked, he claims that it would make him as strong as Khyle (who wears an aviator-gatsby cap), implying that he looks up to the elf, wanting to be as strong as her. His eyes are a dark shade of teal, and he is often seen wearing quarter-length pants.