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"I'm probably the most annoying lass on the ship, but at least I know I gotta stick by yer side when ya need me, mate." -Palla to Nevialla

Palla 01

Title Guardian
Real Name Pallas Athena
Gender Female
Race Elf
Age 26 Elven Years, 52 Human Years
Status Dead
Tarot Sun Arcana
Date of Birth 4th April
Place of Birth Xates, Western continent
Team The Piraknights
Blood Type O+
Height 6'8
Family n/a

Basic Info

Palladium (Palla) is an orphaned child from the Second Sahar War who was rescued and raised in the Terminus orphanage. She also works under Al Rotches, the mount and animal keeper.


Palla is almost always seen with a smile, and carries a positive attitude that has helped lifted the Piraknight's spirits countless times. She is also a bit of an airhead; often reacting slowly or childishly to things happening around her. She has no shame in showing her affection for Nevie in front of others (much to the younger elf's annoyance).


A Palla

Palla's appearance in-game.

Palla has below shoulder-length blond hair which is often tied up into a ponytail. Her irises are actually brown, but are in such a brighter shade that they look yellow instead.

Her normalwear is a yellow-brown, short-sleeved hoodie with matching fingerless gloves, short pants and shoes. The belt around her waist has two satchels attached at the back, where she stores random and utterly useless things like Shushu biscuits, leftover snacks and oddly enough, fish remains (which she claims to have forgotten about for weeks).

Her right wrist is bandaged to cover up a scar from a kitchen incident where Nevie slipped on wet floor with a knife at hand, unconsciously grabbing onto Palla and cutting the older elf's wrist by accident.

Abilities + Weapons



Theme Song

Happy Piano Music

Happy Piano Music


  • Palla is known to speak with an Australian accent.
  • A short animation based off Nevialla and Palladium was made as a project for the author's part-time course. The animation can be viewed here.
  • Palladium's name is derived from the name of the ancient Greek image of Safety, but Palla's name is actually inspired by Persona 3 's Palladion.
  • She shares a room with Nevie on the Piraknight's ship.
  • Nevie and Palla's appearance concept might actually be inspired by Aigis and Metis from Persona 3 FES. The fact that Palla was named after Aigis' Persona supports so. Their color scheme seem to be similar as well.
    Heartful Cry -Dual Mix- (Stellar)

    Heartful Cry -Dual Mix- (Stellar)

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