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Title Last of the Feather Folk
Real Name -
Gender Male
Race Elf
Age 18 Elven Years, 36 Human Years
Status Alive
Family Aenji

Basic InfoEdit

Ryder is the last of the Feather Folk clan; a clan of Gryphon riders. The Feather Folk Clan was massacred by monsters during a quiet night, when Ryder was but a young boy. Their Gryphons were all captured and killed as well; their remaining eggs all crushed.

The Feather Folk were the only ones capable of defending the Allied Forces from the skies, and with them out of the way, it proved to be a great advantage to the Sahar Army.

Ryder had escaped their grasp, at the loss of his family who sacrificed themselves to save him. Alone and terrified, he sought refuge deep within a forest, where he found a lone egg on the ground, soon to hatch. When the egg hatched, to his surprise, a baby gryphon crawled out of the shell.

Ryder took the orphaned creature in his arms and escaped the Sahar Army together. The Gryphon was named Aenji, and as years passed, they both grew into a perfect sky soaring duo.

Only after befriending Khyle, does Ryder agree to serve the Alliance.


Calm at heart and brave to soar the skies, Ryder grew from a timid child to a courageous sky rider. He detests being reminded that he is the last of his kind, but gives his all to support the Allied forces from the skies alongside Khyle.


Test DriveEdit

How to train your dragon Score Test drive

How to train your dragon Score Test drive

"Test Drive", composed by John Powell from the movie "How to Train your Dragon" is a song that describes Ryder and Aenji's love for their freedom in the skies.

Forbidden FriendshipEdit

How to train your dragon Score Forbidden friendship

How to train your dragon Score Forbidden friendship

"Forbidden Friendship", also by John Powell from the same movie, portrays the growing friendship between the two as they struggled to get through their lives together during their younger years.