"In one secret corner of Arcana (actually in Ursadine Highlands, upon the tree directly to the left of the first log carved with a ghostly face, near the road to Colossus Shadowfields) there is one place where allegiance to either the Sahar or the Alliance doesn't matter. Hidden from all (not really) is a cozy tree-house which shelters poor, unfortunate souls.

Well, a certain level of 'poor' and 'unfortunate'. And because misfortunes in love transcend even the most bitter of enmities or the very logic of the situation."

Basic InfoEdit

The Secret Association of (Wo)Manpain (S.A.M) is what Hisaka and Kaze call their little tea-party-gathering events.



A usual S.A.M meeting.

Kaze and Hisaka would meet up at a not-so-well-hidden treehouse in Ursadine Highlands to share (rant about) their love issues, namely Kaze's obsession for Archane (and occasionally her hatred for Eleina), and Hisaka's ever-growing feelings for Kagiri.

They made it a rule that there will be zero bloodshed and zero animosity within the meeting.


Kaze would often rant about how Eleina would break down and cry whenever the latter sees her covered in blood from victorious battles against the Alliance. A crying Eleina is easily a sight that upsets Archane, much to Kaze's disappointment.