Shulander Archane/Personality


Title Monarch of Darkness
Real Name Shulander Archane
Gender Male
Race Human
Age n/a
Status Alive
First Appearance Fallen King
Tarot Emperor Arcana
Date of Birth 15th March
Place of Birth The Tree of Life
Weapons Archelon Tarot Cards
Blood Type B+
Height 7'0

As a child, Archane was kind, gentle, cheerful, and every bit an ideal young prince should be. During the moments of his obsession with creating artificial living beings, he is less social, and develops a habit of constantly grinning.

He has an extremely short temper, and is the kind of person that will rid of 'rubbish' that are of no use to him. Humans, or not. By the time he created his Sahar Army, he becomes sadistic and finds amusement in tormenting others, be it his own soldiers or prisoners from the Allied forces.

Despite that, he seems to get upset whenever Eleina is sad, and though he does not comfort her (and usually ends up making her cry more instead), he does seem to have a soft spot for her.

  • Archane knows of Eleina's potential in battle, and claims that he only keeps her because she would be useful later on.