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"Grown-ups are stupid!



Title The Ocean Tamer
Real Name Syn Stennefo
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 16
Status Alive
First Appearance The Piraknights
Tarot Chariot Arcana
Date of Birth 5th May
Place of Birth Piraknight's ship, during Arcanian Ocean voyage
Team Piraknights
Weapons Cutlass
Blood Type O+
Height 5'4
Voice Actor Katherine Randle


Syn Stennefo (Syn) is the daughter of the Piraknight's captain, Ethan.

Syn was born during the Piraknight's voyage across the Arcanian Ocean. Her mother passed away as soon as she was born, and Syn was rescued by crew member Palladium when Sahar monsters attacked the ship and tried to take the infant away.

She is recruited into the Terminus Royal Knights under Cloud's recommendation.


Outgoing, lively and friendly, Syn gets along well with others, although extremely shy around new faces. Being raised amongst seafaring men has given her a tomboyish personality, along with a vocabulary of sailor-talk. Though very much a tomboy, she is easily upset by others calling her a boy, or comparing her to other girls that have the feminity she doesn't.

Further into the series after the loss of her crew, Syn becomes less lively, and is often seen with a sad expression on her face, although around others, she still tries to seem like her old self.


A Syn
Syn's hair was originally light blond, but slowly lost its color and turned into a silverish white as she grew up. Her irises are a light shade of brown like her father's. She also wears an eyepatch for pirate fashion, there is absolutely nothing wrong the eye she covers.
Adult syn

An older Syn with short hair.

Upon arrival at Terminus port, she starts wearing her father's coat that Nevie had fixed up. She also wears the Dreadnaught Armor, a suit of armor provided to the middle ranks of the Terminus Royal Knights.

She wears dresses once in a blue moon.

Abilities + Weapons

Trained as a knight, Syn is efficient in using a sword and shield, but prefers not to use a shield as she claims it 'bothers her ability to move freely'.

Her strongest skill is her agility in water, able to move as freely in it as a person would on land. Her ability to hold her breath underwater for long amounts of time also serves her well on that part.



A sleeping Mandy.

Mandy is Syn's pet mandragora. The critter was accidentally picked up by
Mandy syn doodle

Syn and Mandy in an Omake.

Nevie during a voyage, when the crew stopped on an island to gather food supplies. As Nevie was about to chop it up for dinner, it awakened from slumber and jumped onto Syn's face in a panic. Over time, Mandy grew attached to Syn.

Mandy is about the size of Syn's hand, and wears a tiny red scarf around her neck. She is smaller than most mandragoras.



Theme Song

Vedrim - Seas of Valoran

Vedrim - Seas of Valoran

Battle Theme

Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song

Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song


  • She especially enjoys fishing; not with a rod and bait, but by jumping into the water itself to catch fish with her hands and sometimes, mouth.
  • Her favourite word of insult is 'landblubber'.
  • Her favourite song is 'A Pirate's Life for Me' (:D).
  • She keeps a personal record of how long she can hold her breath underwater. Her current record is 2 minutes.
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