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"Bow before the queen."


A ur

Title Queen of Atlantis
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 20
Status Alive
First Appearance Worthless
Weapons Heart of Atlanteans
Family Karen (Older sister)

Basic Info

Ur was one of the orphans that was raised in the Terminus orphanage. Her elder sister is Karen; the high priestess that watches over the town alongside Prince Shilly.

As a child, she was a hard worker, and always tried to be acknowledged for what she could do to help others. Karen's natural talents for healing overshadowed this, and over time, Ur grew jealous of her sister, and left Terminus with a grudge in her heart.

She fights her way through the outside world, escaping continuous onslaughts of Sahar monsters that eventually led her to the ruins of Atlantis. While staying in refuge within the ruins, ancient guardians of Atlantis awakened from her presence, and she befriends them.


C5 uru pan
She cares very little for the rest of the world including the current state of the war, only longing to take revenge against the people who ignored her existence. Though that is the case, she expresses zero interest in joining the Sahar, being a 'neutral' antagonist in the series.

She sees herself as a 'Queen', and takes great pride in her guardians whom she sees and treats as her real family.


Love so pure

Comical Christmas card of Luminary (left) and Ur (right).

Ur's hair is short and wavy bright silver, and she has dark purple eyes. She smirks very often, as is a very self-assured, confident individual.

Her clothing usually consist of a very revealing top with long sleeves. Waist-down, she wears a series of long cloth with intricate Atlantean designs hanging down from a yellow-teal sash, over a pair of long pants.

Abilities + Weapons

Ur does not carry any form of weaponry, and only fights by summoning her guardians through water portals that she can form from thin air. She has however, proven to be very agile, and is able to avoid attacks with ease.

Further into the story, it is revealed that she is the wielder of one of the Bloodletter Weapons: the Heart of Atlanteans.

Combat style reference : Dissidia 012 : Yuna


The first of the guardians that appeared. His body is made completely out of water, making him invincible to all forms of physical attack. Water will flood the ground around him when his body is out of the portal.

The Guardian of Atlantis, and the first creature Ur had befriended upon stumbling onto the crumbling ruins. They are emotionally attached to each other, and are protective of each other to a great extent. Arcticus is extremely loyal to her, and will take down an entire city for her if she wanted him to.

  • Ur calls him by the nickname 'Ar'.
  • In Iris Online, his name is actually "Arcturis", but was renamed Arcticus for the comic.




Fenrir is the most violent and aggressive fighter among all of them. An oversized, white werewolf-like creature, he is difficult to command and tame. A pair of broken cuffs rest on his wrists, and a belt of claws around his waist. He is extremely stubborn and does not listen to Ur 90% of the time, making him a difficult summon to work with.

  • In Iris Online, his name was Feralas, but was changed to Fenrir for ArcIris.

Trachyte and Rhyolite

Twin golems that guarded the bridge of Atlantis. They have no troubles obeying Ur as it was she who forged a 'plate' to Trachyte in place of his missing head. They do not speak, but usually carry her around on their shoulders. They see her as their real Queen and do not hesitate to obey her commands.



Ur's older sister, whom she grew jealous of because the people of Arcana only paid attention to her natural talents in healing magic while Ur struggled to work hard and earn her place and respect amongst them. During their childhood, they were actually close and got along very well, only to grow distant over the years of growing up.


Theme Song

Karenai Hana - Mikuni Shimokawa-0

Karenai Hana - Mikuni Shimokawa-0

Battle Theme

Final Fantasy X boss theme

Final Fantasy X boss theme


  • She occasionally speaks in old English, using terms such as 'thee' or 'thy'.
  • Her favourite fruit is the dragonfruit.
  • She had a turtle plushie as a child, which still sits in her old room back at the orphanage.
  • She loves to read historical books.
  • Ur is considered an enemy to the Alliance, but they do not seem to mind having her roam around within the fortress walls.
  • Luminary nicknames her 'Little Brat'.