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Title Dragon Slayer
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive

Basic InfoEdit

Yuni is a character that appears in a Volume 1 Extra as a dragon slayer. She is one of the Runner-ups in the NoScrubs ArcIris Character Contest. It is still undecided whether or not she will be an official addition to the series by Volume 2.


Before her birth, Yuni's parents made a mistake of being overcome by greed, by stealing a priceless orb from Crystalisk's cavern. The orb merged with Yuni's soul, and Crystalisk had set out to hunt them down ever since.

When Yuni was 16, her parents were finally tracked down by Sahar monsters, and attacked while Yuni was out gathering herbs. Upon returning, she learns the truth of the orb's existence from her dying father. She then turns to Spike Schulz; an old friend of her father, who began training her in the art of swordsmanship.

After years of training, she faces Crystalisk in a battle, returning the orb in hopes that her parents' sins would be forgiven.